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FINALLY got rid of that NASTY F'N wax!

By: Doogie
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Well, I did it! I got rid of ALL that nasty ass "dread" wax from DreadHeadHQ! Unfortunately after several attempts to remove it I got fed up with it and cut my candles off! I didn't shave my head but cut each one off individually and I now have about 1-2 inches of hair. This time I'm going all natural with NO was, NO comb, NO NOTHING from DreadHeadHQ or Knotty Boy! I will take and post a picture of my hair now and will every now and then to follow my NATURAL progress!

I disected a few of them and man was it nasty! It was so bad I thought I was gonna throw up! And no, I'm not taking pictures of them! They are already out in the garbage! DreadHeadHQs' website said that their wax would not dry inside your dreads. BULLSHIT! I found clumps all thru several of them that was dried! After I cut them off, I did a thorough wash with Sauve and conditioner so I could pull apart the little bit that was left of the dreads that were close to my scalp and then washed again with Bronners and then sprayed with a sea salt mist to try to get on the ball! The past year was a total waste but now starting over the healthier way!

Hope I'm placing this in the right catagory!?!

11/08/11 09:03:31AM @exalthimx7:

God Bless your continuing journey, Doogie'] Never fear, you aren't alone, our family of 4 gets by fine on about 1200./month net'] We are truly blessed, money isn't everything...keep smiling

11/08/11 08:36:53AM @doogie:

Ya know, I WOULDA used the Body Splash if it wasn't so damn expensive and I had more of a budget than $655.00 a month so don't be bashin'! And, how do I know the Body Splash even works? I don't and I'm not paying that money just to find out it doesn't work. Don't be a dick Rob!


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