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Crazy Amanda


Location: Warwick, NY
Zipcode: 10990
Country: US


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on my way to Pa for my daddys party
i think this was after i chopped a chunk of my hair off cuz i was clearly to drunk to be cutting bands out
real beauty isent  something you can see but felt with the heart.
waiting in trafficccc
a month old?
my art <3
Brown Eyed Girl <3
wereing my fiances shirt lol
upstate NY
week old..camping UP STATE NY!
i like this one =]


Lonnie Berg
10/16/09 09:32:42PM @lonnie-berg:
Luvn' the new pics momma, you're so purdy, Huugggzzzz

Lonnie Berg
10/02/09 12:44:51PM @lonnie-berg:
Thank you Kynd One for the friendship, I am honored and consider friends a true blessing, perhaps our paths will cross in person sometime, Much Love and Light to You and Yours, namaste'

09/29/09 09:15:02AM @cracker:
I didn't know they had that at the school. I try and avoid the town when schools in. Did you choose a school closer to you?

09/28/09 09:37:44PM @christopher:
I kinda know how that goes, girls normally love my dreads at first, then they start to kinda be like blah about them. Its all good, i love them and thats why i got them. Anyways just sayin hey

09/28/09 09:18:11PM @christopher:
i think dreads will suit you great

09/28/09 01:23:23PM @cracker:
Yea its an interesting college for sure. I like your sublime hoodie. I've been on a sublime kick lately...

09/28/09 08:34:30AM @cracker:
I live 5 minutes outside New Paltz...

09/27/09 09:42:30PM @cracker:
Hey! Welcome. Im from NY also. Nice to meet you.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/26/09 04:04:19PM @soaring-eagle:
those scammy sites selling the idea of instant dresads dont help things eitheri have had ppl talk to me who assummed i undid them then redid em every day..

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/26/09 03:50:32PM @soaring-eagle:
exactly ..just respond "till the day i die" and leave it at thatim glad more ppl are getting it that its not just a temporary style

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