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palm rolling

By: angella
Posted in:

k short one for u guys should i palm roll? really hate it i woul rather them do their ownthing but they are sooooo kinky with lots of loops so i wrapped one left it for a few days undid it today and it was perfect so i wrapped a couple more today is this bad i did with hemp and just wrapped it 3/4 the way down just the parts that were way outa control



01/03/12 03:20:05PM @angella:

amanda lee wells
01/03/12 03:09:36PM @amanda-lee-wells:

no problemo. but uhh idk lol i dont think it really matters.

01/03/12 03:07:57PM @angella:
K I guess ill try it and see what it does thanx :) waiti should do it wheen they r wet then hu?

amanda lee wells
01/03/12 02:58:23PM @amanda-lee-wells:

i would say palm roll, yu dont gotta do it all the time. but it helps it form a roundness to the dread. iv had mine for bout 5 months. and i got the crazyiest fuckin zigg zaggy loopys man. but i jus except them and let em do wat they wanna

12/28/11 12:32:55AM @angella:
I wonder why they say do it not for me thanx

Castaway J
12/28/11 12:27:02AM @castaway-j:

no palm rolling :)

12/27/11 11:56:24PM @angella:

sorry bout the typos guys im tired

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