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Location: Pompano Beach, FL
Zipcode: 33063
Country: US


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Mia Elizabeth
06/06/11 12:49:45PM @mia-elizabeth:

When you get a chance(If you havn't already) check out the extended forums and register, please & thank you!

Peace & love,


andrew lazare
01/17/11 10:05:38AM @andrew-lazare:
thanks for gently clearing that up, I had become impatient.heheh

Rusty McDonald
12/25/10 09:33:03PM @rusty-mcdonald:
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! wer r u spending ur holidays?

Rusty McDonald
12/22/10 04:20:54AM @rusty-mcdonald:
Oh cool. crocheting is quite painful. they pulled on my scalp alot so it hurt for a couple of days. yay! happy birthday :)

Rusty McDonald
12/21/10 10:58:16AM @rusty-mcdonald:
Oh cool does it hurt? I got them crocheted and backcombed. Loads of them have come undone so im just letting those dread naturally. how old r u?

Rusty McDonald
12/20/10 02:17:35AM @rusty-mcdonald:

oh thats already pretty long. wat method do u use? Im only abt 2 or 3 months

Rusty McDonald
12/19/10 09:35:57AM @rusty-mcdonald:

Heyy I dunno i haven't really thought about it :p... no planning on getting rid of them any time soon. how about you? thanks urs are cute too ((:

Stamen Ilianov Iliev
12/17/10 12:42:16AM @stamen-ilianov-iliev:
It's not just a penis... it's a fly peniiiiiiiiis xD

12/15/10 02:42:47AM @ivan:

yea same here. i see some here and there but pretty rare.

12/14/10 02:56:30PM @ivan:

yea man you should join the florida dreads group if you haven't already. we have a few floridians on the site.

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