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Very sweaty dreads

user image 2011-07-25
By: ZaKaJaWIa
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Hey all, just joined the site tonight. No dreadies yet but just about two weeks away from them. I've heavily researched dreadlocks over the past four months and have a fair amount of knowledge to get me started.

Here's the question I can't find an answer to; I work in a steel mill where it's VERY hot and I sweat ALOT. How is this going to effect the locking process? After I get them locked, I will be away from work for around ten days for a kick ass beach vacation. But when I return, I'll be sweating all day. The hair that's on my head now is generally soaked for at least seven hours of the day.

I'm dead set on having my hair done so do I need to quit my job or will my hair make it until the weather cools? All replies will be appreciated.

Chris Atchison
07/27/11 06:02:43AM @chris-atchison:

i work in a VERY hot factory as well...i have had TnRfor about three weeks now and they are holding up pretty advice DONT QUIT YOUR JOB think about the economy yo...just put your hair up or wear a crocheted dread band to keep your dreads off your sweaty forehead and wash with baking soda it does wonders

07/26/11 07:12:18PM @bones2:

he said he understands dreads DONT come in 2 weeks

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/25/11 10:52:31PM @soaring-eagle:

whew ok had me worried haha did do research are u going to twist n rip?

07/25/11 10:46:12PM @zakajawia:

Yes, I understand no product at all. And we will be starting them in about two weeks. I understand dreads don't come in two weeks. I've began washing with some diluted Dr. Bronner's and I'm going to do baking soda before hand as well.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/25/11 10:41:13PM @soaring-eagle:

umm b4 we even get to that what "knowledge" do yu think u have chanbces are if u resaearched on other sites its all wrong for instance..wax is dread death but in a steel mill its a real bad problem indeed

sweats not a big deal its salty water but with bacteria and toxins from a poor diet if you have a good vegatarian diet its "cleaner" but no matter what u will want to rinse it out

but tell me how u plan on dreading and u said..get dreads in 2 weeks..that scares me u do not get dreads in weeks u can sart them..yourself but u dont "get dreads" u grow them or start them never get them

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