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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Evergreen, CO
Zipcode: 80439
Country: US


youtube videos: 1
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Yukon's Dreadlocks

1st video of my dread progress.
12/29/11 04:45:55PM @yukon:

wow...nice story!..and thanks for sharing...and sorry i assumed you were a dude.

i'm the biggest alaska fanatic that you will ever meet...most alaskans have a hard time keeping up w/ my knowledge of the state.

not sure how u can stand los anchorage, but it's closer to alaska than i am right

honestly tho...i'd take anchorage any day of the week compared to anywhere in the lower 48.

i just need a place out in the bush....and not too far out, but i really do wanna be farrrrrrr out.

all i need is a small place to live, hunt, fish, grow weed, and be left alone....shouldn't be too much to ask right????

i almost bought a nice place between talkeetna and willow about 3 miles trail off the parks hwy....stayed there 3 nights in february as was required by the seller....(i can't sleep to the sound of a snowmachine racetrack)....couldn't have any income in there area at the time anyway.

seward was nice, but the seasonal housing there killed us...we lived in a tent, and mostly in the bed of my truck when it rained for 6 months because of no housing..and we both had full time for a small boat, my x-gf for kenai fjords np.

...alaska knoked me down quite a few times, but i still want back baaaaad!
12/29/11 04:30:07PM @elkeinalaska:
Well I grew up in the Seattle area out towards Issaquah in what used to be the country. I married a SE Alaska boy and when Seattle got out of control and we decided didn't want ti be suburbanites but couldn't afford the city he took a job as a float/bush pilot in SE. Since then we moved about the state for flying jobs. Ketchikan, Juneau, Fairbanks and lastly Anchorage. Of course I'd always said I didn't want to live in anchorage so here we are. I should know better by now than to say what I don't want lolAnyhow. I used to be a labor and delivery nurse but after having my last one at home I decided I couldn't be apart of the lie anymore and never went back. Now I'm an artist and I teach, which is what I wanted to do before I had to make a choice but didn't :-/ My husband is a medivac pilot and base manager for what used to be Providence's Lifeguard Alaska and now is LifeMed.Susitna Drainage would be part of the Mat-su valley no? It's beautiful out there. I can't hack the wind though. I'd never go outside--literally! So you will cabin squat and then build your own? If I was to do a cabin.....I'd do strawbale! It'd be awesome :)

12/29/11 03:46:28PM @yukon:

...and property i'm looking at is almost all in the susitna drainage area....

...i've a cpl friends from grow forums that are THC (turnigan hardcore) ... and have a cpl offers thru them to cabin squat for a while in winter where they film.

12/29/11 03:31:12PM @yukon:

i could see how it looks like west wash.

what looks like rain is snow finally melting off the roof....i'm at a lil over 10,000 feet in colorado....up above evergreen/conifer area. ans. your question i work a cpl miles from home here for a custom manufacturing company as a production mgr.

i lived mostly in seward area, and worked on halibut/b.cod long liners....i lived in kodiak for a while and almost got on a crabber in 2007 until my 2 best friends died in harbor on a boat g/f at the time said no bueno. i also lived in kasilof/soldotna area. where u from bro?
12/29/11 03:13:55PM @elkeinalaska:
With that big ole tree and rain it looks like you are in western Washington :) Ive never been to CO. What do you do there in CO? Probably not much commercial fishing going on :).You did say that's what you were doing in AK right?

12/29/11 01:49:04PM @yukon:
thanks! ...ill make more as the progress

Castaway J
12/29/11 01:35:27PM @castaway-j:

hell yeah right on man thats tight how and when you started. keep it up man theyre looking good.

12/29/11 12:10:31PM @foxpaw:

I think its awesome you started lockin again when your child was born, very cool. awesome hair & ending :P

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