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user image 2013-02-25
By: Vaysha Raine
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A little about my babies.

Started my journey Feb 20th 2013 with the twist and rip method.

I am happy with my dreads I just cant wait for them to lock up!

Both my dad and my older brother started their dreads through the neglect method.I however am not patient enough for that.

My dad has fully matured dreads that are probably over 10 years old. They are now either down to his butt or past his butt.

My older brother has had his for about a year now.

These are my dreads today at 5 days.

Vaysha Raine
02/25/13 03:44:00PM @vaysha-raine:
Yeah i know ive had my panics but after reading alot of discussions here i know that loose hair, loops, loosening then tightening is okay.And i think the starter methods(TnR) is more suitable for me personally.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/25/13 03:31:23PM @soaring-eagle:

pretty but u know starter methods take more patience then neglect neglects always exciting who=ile starter methiods come with constant pannick about thenpm unraveling and always feeling like somethigs wrong idf theres a loose hair or loop

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