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dreadlocks shampoo


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Month 4

Here is my 4 month update to my dreadlock journey for I'm pretty sure the thumbnail options that YT gives you upon uploading a video are their their way of laughing at you. I swear they are getting more and more ridiculous. :P
08/12/12 04:01:33PM @valrie:

Yeah, I pretty much only use about a dime-sized amount, emulsify it in my hands and run my hands loosely through my hair and really, maybe once a month when I have woken up and my hair is standing pretty much on it's end. I'm quite literal about the amount too. Usually my hair ends up sucking it up so quickly that I have frizzies within an hour but they are closer to my dreads and not a mega 3-4" halo above my head.

I was pretty pro-aloe at the beginning and now I definitely don't use it too much. I was even using aloe prior to dreading. My hair tends to either be too dry or too silky (if over-conditioned) so I have learned quickly to not try as hard.

When they mature more though I would love to use aloe on the dreads themselves to help soften them up because the ones I have are dry and kind of hard feeling.... is this a good idea or should I use shea butter instead? I always lean more towards aloe because it's thinner consistency.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/12/12 03:53:21PM @soaring-eagle:
making great progress but if u can avoid aloe th loose hairs will go away faster

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