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What's does natural/neglect mean

user image 2012-11-07
By: Tyrik smith
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Do I twist my natural hair into little dread look a likes with my hands and leave them to lock up or do I wash my hair and never comb it again ...the term seems so open ended
Tyrik smith
11/07/12 11:53:51AM @tyrik-smith:
Lol perfect so does this sound good to you ... I got home wash the wax out let my hair dry and free twist with no separations then leave it be

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/07/12 11:51:01AM @soaring-eagle:

just dont retwist as maintenance and you'll be fine

Tyrik smith
11/07/12 11:28:22AM @tyrik-smith:
Woah that is a good point I never noticed that, but if I twist them into little dreads to give them a start is that bad? I'm not going to use any product to do so just with my Africian American texture I can twirl my hair sometimes and it knots right up

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/07/12 11:19:50AM @soaring-eagle:

just seperate you dont need a clean look for jobs thats a myth and a lie the salons tell you to scare u into destroying your dreads with their services bhy law only natural dreads are protected under freedom of religion so by making them clean tidy and uniform you give up your 1 and only legal deffence

Tyrik smith
11/07/12 10:51:08AM @tyrik-smith:
I want that look long term

Tyrik smith
11/07/12 10:48:50AM @tyrik-smith:
So how would I control thickness and the seperation because I want a clean look for jobs and what not

11/07/12 10:41:20AM @doogie:
Just wash your hair but watch what you use and throw away your brush/comb!

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