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Theldja Ramlagan


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the How/Why i chose Locs:)

user image 2011-09-20
By: Theldja Ramlagan
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At the start of this year i made a concious decision to be more spiritually inclined... i began 'LISTENING', becoming ever more intuitive. "I am a work in Progress" :))

I'm the kinda girl who changed hairstyles and haircolour every month or so, out of boredom really but, one morning not having previously thought about dreadlocks... i awoke and abruptly announced to my daughter and other half that i wouuld soon be dreadlocked!!:) lol

The thing is, i didn't have to think long and hard about whether or not i wanted it, it seemed like a definite and finalized decision made in my sleep... a kinda truth like this is what needs to be done... U know what i mean?!

However, i did deliberate for about 2 months or so trying to decide if to go to a salon or do it myself (pheww that was hard!) i feared if i do it myself the locks might look scanty and unattractive and if i go to a salon my locks would have no originality or personality:))

But in the end i awoke bright and early on Tuesday 30th August 2011 morning and started my locs journey on my own.

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