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Bleach,crochete,interlocking,what's next

user image 2020-09-30
By: TallyMan771
Posted in: Misuse abuse
Bleach,crochete,interlocking,what's next

After Starting my hair with coils, I craved a more neat look so I started interlocking crocheting always paying people so that it would look good after bleaching and all of that damage, I'm wondering what is next my hair seems healthy although I'm inexperienced. I have to make sure I take care of these properly. I wash 2 times a week depending on sweat but never more than 3 I usually don't ever becouse it takes a while to dry them. I know the manic panic bleach damaged my hair so what's next will the bleach ever fully come out I died them back black a while ago an vouched never to die them again, but I want this to also be a topic of treating them right even after abuse it's worth it isn't it?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/06/21 04:05:23PM @soaring-eagle:

Oh my.. yea dont bleach, interlock, or crochet again, and they will be as good as yiu can hope for

09/30/20 12:38:59PM @tallyman771:
An when I ment "I don't ever" , I ment wash up to 3 times a week I usually never have to but I have been enjoying washing them recently there getting super lengthy

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