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Dreadlocks journey - 1 month

Category: Howto & Style
Duration: 00:06:51
This is my first video about my dreadlocks journey, so spare me a little please ... :D I know my voice is a little bit shakey and high-pitched, also English is not my first language, even though i know I can speak better, but ... you know. :D
I believe my retorical skills will improve with every new video. :D
It's all about the patience and experiences, i know that every beggining is hard ... :P

Well, it's my first time having dreads and I just love them so I'm really looking forward to all the adventures that we are going to share together.

They are made with backcombing technique and crochet hook, i have 43 of them and they are growing wonderfully.

Have fun and thanks for watching!
Love & Light!

Music: Hang Massive
Dreadlocks made by: Hempy66 - :)
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