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Goo Gone for removing wax testimonial

user image 2011-07-22
By: tab tabs
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So I am in the process of getting rid of the wax. i'm using the goo gone and dawn dish soap. I poured the Goo gone in a bowl while taking a shower and diluted it with water. I like to jus lay in the shower with my hair soaking in the bowl. i actually feel a difference. I mean i can still feel some wax but it definitely doesnt feel as solid. I didnt use any specific mixing ratio i kinda jus did it lol. but jus a hint make sure you really wash your dreads because I can still feel some of the Goo Gone in there...gotta wash it out again tomorrow. but other then that...I'm pretty confident about this.


tab tabs
03/31/12 11:49:19AM @tab-tabs:
not sure. but dilute the hellllll out of it if u plan to do it. i shouldve listened to SE and diluted the googone more then i did. but goodluck!and let us know if it worked <3

10/19/11 09:15:18PM @moonchild:

I wonder if Orange Glo would be safe?

tab tabs
07/26/11 11:47:19PM @tab-tabs:

thanks melanie =] that sounds like a plan lol. and yea i diluted it i didnt like measure it out but i shouldve probably been a bit more cautious. after 3 days of intense irritation i scrubbed the hell out of my scalp with dawn dish soap....i feel sooooo much better...but some of the wax is gone so atleast it wasnt for nothing lol.

Melanie Barrett
07/25/11 04:53:48AM @melanie-barrett:

that sounds like a recipe for a chemical burn. do you have straight hair? cuz when i used wax the buildup irritated my scalp because it wasnt used to having something so greasy on it. I used to shampoo every other day when my hair was straight and the wax mixed with my own hair oils that were being overproduced from the stimulation of washing with sulfate filled shampoo all the time. it made me feel like my scalp was always sweating. the wax blocks the water from getting to your head too it is almost like keeping a bandaid on way too long when the skin gets all soft and is easy to cut with just a scratch from your fingernail. the scalp on your skin can start getting little irritations especially if it itches and youre scratching a lot.

i had to get some wax out before and i used baking soda and nontoxic dish soap. try to find seventh generation or something as natural as possible. the safeway store brand enviro friendly dish soap is coconut oil based with orange extract and i used that to get the real nasty buildup out and then the residue will all come out with baking soda. most stores carry dr bronners but i have heard mixed reactions about it.

you should let your scalp heal before messing with it again and then try something more nontoxic.

baking soda completely cuts grease but leaves a little white residue when it dries if you don't rinse it really really well. people used to use it to clean before everything was filled with chemicals and toxins. try using it to clean your stove, spotty looking stainless steel or sticky feeling tupperware next time youre cleaning up and you will see what i mean. you just sprinkle a little on and use a really wet rag and you can rub stuff right off that most people would use steel wool or chemicals to remove. if it can take baked on grease off of metal it can definitely take a little bit of wax off of your scalp and hair.

i took a whole box and mixed it with enough water to make a smooth paste and put it on my hair in handfuls and then massaged it through each dread. you have to palmroll it through or massage it into each one with your fingertips to work it all the way into the middle of each dread. it will help them lock up better afterwards even if they get a little loose from working with them while theyre wet when the hairs start rubbing together without the wax lubricating them after you are all done.

baking soda is much more alkaline than your body's natural pH level so after your hair is squeaky clean it would be a good idea to rinse with diluted lemon juice or even some orange juice and then rinse it well so you don't get ants crawlin in your hair when youre sleepin LOL this webpage below has a pH graph. baking soda is on the alkaline end of the spectrum and orange is on the acidic with our bodys pH somewhere in the middle depending on your diet and environment- so they should balance each other.

you can find a ton of recipes for scalp moisturizing sprays online. i searched for "natural scalp moisturizer spray homemade" and found this one that you can make with stuff from the grocery store.

i found this recipe to make your hair shiny after all the grease gets stripped out without adding oil that can make your dreads slippery and extra loopy...

Use espresso to enhance hair's natural shine. Brew 1 cup of strong espresso. Let cool for 30 minutes. Pour espresso over dry hair and leave it in for 20 minutes (cover hair with a shower cap). Rinse hair thoroughly with cool water and blow dry hair on medium high. Your hair will instantly shine and glow.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/25/11 01:54:15AM @soaring-eagle:

ouch kinda thought that might be too strong we need further experiments with these super strength wax removers to find safe but effective ways to use them thats why i saids try diluting them aslot the 1st time see how it reacts then try stronger cause they are extremely strong

maybe tryy aloe on yopur scalp o sooth it

tab tabs
07/25/11 01:29:37AM @tab-tabs:

i have been clawing at my scalp the day after i used goo gone. it removed wax but my scalp is sooooo irritated and it wont stop even after i washed it =[ so either dilute it ALOT! or jus put it on your dreads instead of soaking in it.

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