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I have a neglected baby!

user image 2012-07-11
By: Sussi
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A neglected baby, that sounds terrible! But it is wonderful and exciting and unexpected at the same time. Here it is:

I had given up on this hair ever dreading. I T&R'd several times and every time it came undone. I tried backcombing with the same result. I put a rubber band around it in the hope that knots would form, but no. Not a single sign of this hair wanting to dread at all. So I figured it would always be loose hair and to be honest I didn't really care and just let it be.

A few days ago I noticed this knot. It wasn't very big and I thought it would just fall out like every other knot had.Yesterday when I washed my hair I was sure that it would be gone but it's still there and even got a bit tighter after the wash. Sotodayit feels safe to declare to the world that I have my very first neglect dread and I love it!

Tara C
10/03/12 01:06:58PM @tara-c:

Same thing with me, I had normal hair on the nape of my neck thinking it would never dread, never even have a knot, and now there's a little knot staying in place :)

07/11/12 01:49:10PM @sussi:

Haha, thanks!I thought I better add the arrow since it's not really clear where my new baby is. :-)

Amy Jo
07/11/12 09:17:34AM @amy-jo:

I love the arrow in the picture!! :)

Congrats on the new baby!

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