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Going To A Salon Was The Worst Mistake I Made

user image 2015-10-30
By: Susan Diana
Posted in: Salons

I thought I would share some of my dread journey in the hope that it might help someone else who is considering going to a salon. I started my journey with the neglect method initially, about Sept-Oct of 2014. I had found several videos on YouTube by NatureLover, a member of this site, and thought her free form dreads were so beautiful, I decided that was the way I wanted to go. But several months in I started hearing that sectioning was really important, and so I made the mistake of going to my hairdresser to have that done. She was just supposed to section, nothing more, but before I knew it she was sectioning, twisting and ripping, and backcombing. Even though I protested at every step, she assured me that she had training in making dreads, she knew what she was doing, and that she wouldn't do anything that would be bad for my hair (she had been my hairdresser for eight years). Even so, when she said that she wanted to use wax on my hair "Just to hold the dreads in place," I put my foot down and said, "NO! Absolutely not!" Thank God I was already a member of this site at that point and had read all the horror stories of wax being used on dreads, otherwise I would have had no idea and probaly would have let her do that as well.

Three separate sessions over the course of three weeks, eleven hours total, a whole lot of money and EXCRUIATING pain later, and I had what at least my hair dresser considered to be "dreads." My head was so sore and covered with so many dreads all tightly bound with tiny elastics that she told me to leave in for at least a month, preferably two. Two MONTHS? I lasted three weeks. I couldn't STAND the elastics! They hurt my head every day, not to mention that they were awful to sleep in. After three weeks the only way I could get them out was to cut them out because they had become so miserably knotted in my hair. It took three hours to get them all out and it was very painful. 

Fast foward to two weeks ago (2nd week of Oct 2015).  I have taken well over a dozen of my hairdresser's "salon dreads" out because her sectioning left the back of my head looking so bald and scalpy I couldn't go out in public. For a while I was terrified that I had Alopecia, but after much research I realized that was not the case. Even so, I can't begin to describe the EXTREME stress, time money, pain, energy, and work that I have gone through to have dreads from the moment I set foot in a salon. I now have returned to the neglect method (which I should have never left) and my poor dreads at least seem to be recovering from what has been done to them. They are full of kinks loops, and bumps, which personally, I'm loving! I am using nothing on my hair except products I've purchased on this site, which is the Tea Tree shampoo, and occasionally the sea salt locking spray.

I consider myself very lucky that it doesn't "appear" that any permanent damage was done to my hair.  But believe me, it wasn't from my hairdresser's (unintentional) lack of trying. My advice to anyone wanting dreads, watch lots of reputable dread videos on YouTube, and read every bit of available information on the Dreadlocks site. The misinformation that salons and hairdressers seem to cling to is truly scary. My hairdresser actually ordered me at one point to "Stay off that dread site!" Never going to happen. I hope this info has been helpful.

08/01/21 12:04:58PM @:
oh my god when will you ever learn anything. book in with me @monstrositydreadlocks on instagram. I am the best in the world.

10/21/19 12:42:52PM @:
Wow I am glad I've be reading, asking questions, watching videos on and off for several years. Recently got more serious interviewing local locticians. I was really suprised on how misinformed they sounded pushing backcombing, saying they were the best blah blah blah, Just got a text another loctician who only does back combing $95/hour. I'm in the wrong Biz as an RN. This is really a scam. The African American Salons don't charge anywhere near that amount and they said they had many white clients but they wanted to do backcombing One didn't even know what TNR was

Susan Diana
11/10/15 11:41:58PM @:

@Soaring-eagle - I think your YouTube idea is great and I wish I could help, but unfortunately I don't have the equipment or the time. My job is literally 24/7, which is usually why I end up being on my computer so late at night. :o) 

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/10/15 10:52:37PM @:

we need people to manage a  dreadlockssite youtube channel and produce videos weekly at least..i cant do it though

i can do some just not as many as we need we need a team

Susan Diana
11/10/15 10:42:45PM @:

@Soaring-eagle - I know, those elastics were horrible! I can't believe I even lasted the three weeks with them. They were a nightmare! I watch a lot of dread videos on You Tube but the only one I really ever go to for info is LazyDreads. But that info comes second to the Dreadlockssite. This site is where I've learned everything I know thus far. I know when my hairdresser sees me she going to tell me to "Comb out those loops! And I keep telling you, you have to palm roll!" but I'm not inclined to do either. I'm liking my crazy looking hair just as it is. I'm so grateful for finding this site. I don't know what I would have done without the info I learned here. A big THANK YOU to you Soaring-eagle! :O)

Susan Diana
11/10/15 10:31:40PM @:

@Rze - You're absolutely right. I've learned that fussing with my hair does no good whatsoever. I swear it has a mind of it's own! It's actually a relief at this point to just let it be, and finally give it "permission" to do what it wants. It's full of so many loops, and bumps, and twists, and in general is kind of a crazy looking mess, but fortunately I've always like the messy look so it doen't really bother me!  :o)

11/08/15 06:18:22PM @:

@ Susan - Your poor scalp! You must have some pretty resilient hair to bounce back from this. I'm so glad there was no permanent damage! Just let your locks be themselves.. you don't need to fuss with them to "make them work".  Over time, they will become a very unique part of you, a part that you will absolutely love!


@ SE - Oh yes we're doing something right!  Salons are scared that Mother Nature is taking their customers away!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/30/15 09:36:23PM @:

she ordered you to stay off this site? we must be doing something right!


it could have been alot worse you got lucky (and were smart enough to use the info here nd avoid wax)

3 weeks in elastic bands though was not good

oh...and i would be weary of youtube... most of the better vids are already on here (feel free to add more) theres wayy more harmful vids then good on youtube


jere we at least have quality control

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