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It has been some time. Time for an update

user image 2014-07-12
By: Stephanie Krespach
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Around June of last year I cut off my first set.

I did this in mourning for a dear friend of mine, a fellow dreadie who died of cancer. The dreads were in good enough condition that they were able to be made into a custom human hair wig by a friend of mine and donated to a little girl who wanted dreads but had lost her hair to chemo.

I spent a year growing my natural hair out.

Once it was a little past my shoulders, I started the second set last week. I have been off shampoo since my first set so my hair was already prepped. I did some TnR and have been leaving it alone. Sleeping in a wool tam.

That's it.

I am about three days into this new set and they are all coming undone and starting to section themselves off again. I love this part of the process. The new profile pic was taken the night I did the TnR so my second set of dreads has a birthday of 7/9/14.

I know the only reason my dreads were healthy enough to donate was because of this site and the advice I received here. I missed you guts!

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