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Almost there...

By: Stephani
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As of yesterday Some of my dreads are now 2 weeks old. I also finished the whole bottom portion, so some are just a day old. I should have just gone with a full head 2 weeks ago instead of messing around with this partial nonsense, but what can you do? Because of my lack of sectioning (which doesn't totally bother me), It is very difficult to TnR the rest of my head. So, hopefully I'll be able to finish them sometime today. Some of my dreads are VERY small because that is all the hair that I had to work with in those sections. I like the the different sizes, I'm just curious to see how the little baby ones progress. I do have a favorite though! It's one that is 2 weeks old. He has lots of little bumps and loots like so much fun already. :)

In other news, I'm so tired today. I'm so glad I have the day off to relax! I hope everyone enjoys their day!

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