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dr bronners with baking soda

user image 2012-06-06
By: Sook Ki
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so has anybody tried mixing dr bronners with baking soda in hard water? cause i just did and i cant tell if it worked well or not, because my scalp looks good (better than when i just used dr. bronners with water) but it feels oily..

Baba Fats
06/07/12 01:23:54AM @baba-fats:

You can make your own distilled water for pennies. There a a ton of home made methods on youtube. The consist of two 2 liter bottles, black electrical tape, and a rubber hose. the tape is the most expensive part, and you don't use much, so you'll have a whole roll of tape left over for other uses. The oils you're going to use will cost more in one shot than the filter. A water filter can cost $10. each of the oils you'll get for the BS wash will cost between $7 and $15, not to mention the BS and ACV cost money too

Sook Ki
06/06/12 10:17:52PM @sook-ki:

yeaaa.. im too poor to get a water filter and yeah. i just might return the dr bronners and just do the baking soda wash with essential oils. i dont think dr bronners is working for me.

06/06/12 10:00:30PM @valrie:

Oooh, sometimes hard water does not work well with BS or Bronners. Many say it leaves a sort of residue.

I use Bronner's but I've never had a problem with it. I didn't personally care for the BS wash.
I've read some people either getting a hard water filter or boiling water prior to mixing their BS but I'm not sure if that would work equally with Bronners or even a mixture of the 2.

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