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user image 2011-10-12
By: Sonja-Skye
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so what does change mean, something good or something bad???
most of the time I find this concept difficult to deal with as I touched on in my "introduce yourself" blog and I often find myself wishing to revert back to childhood, when change meant little more then clean clothes, or more commonly a term my parents would use for the weather, or as I remember telling them many times growing older....CHANGE THE CHANNEL, I HATE THE NEWS!!!

Now this was a big topic of discussion for my father, he loved watching the news, just to keep up with current affairs, now I'm not sure of his standing but being old, senile, and set in his ways I'd say nothing's changed, although now he complains about the news as much as me!
I've found over the years, the news had been gradually getting worse and worse, SADDER and SADDER, to the point it's beyond a joke, instead of talking about meaningful matters like how much people are trying to make a difference and help each other, or how kind people selflessly talk to people in need of friends and help, where has all the nice stuff about the marvellous salvos helping people gone, why don't we hear about people being generous and giving donations, or helping with volunteer work?!?!

The media won't allow it, because we seem to be thriving more and more on negativity as a whole, and it's a viscious cycle that will not end until something in the balance breaks.
The media thrive on destruction and peoples anguish and hurt, otherwise they wouldn't flash graphic images, to try and guilt people for no apparent reason, just like if the media as a whole, was more productive and empowering, showing more positive stories (and no I'm not talking about little 16 yr old Suzy going overseas for Olympics) stories, such as people helping each other find homes, helping feed and dress each other, or even just people showing their will banding together for peaceful protests for things that mean something more then just materialistic values, MAYBE then the world wouldn't be in such a huge state of unrest and dis-repute.

here's a story from a dear friend of mine I've grown up with, she's recently moved to the other side of Australia, and someone told her she was
"SOOO white it's almost UN-australian" WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!?! she's more Australian then me, and they r telling her she can't be because she's very fair skinned, now see what the media has denoted us to? All the way down to the point, we cannot celebrate Christmas in catholic schools, a majorly consistent concern is of peoples race or ethnicity rather then the problematic things.

How have we found ourselves up the proverbially without a paddle, to the obscene point, that unrealistically I might point out, SOMEHOW, metal, is more valuable then a human life, REALLY....
Something is going to give soo and when it does soooo much is going to CHANGE.
Like I said I'm none too fussed on change myself, but that's because I haven't seen very many positive changes, the media is worried about racism, sexism, gender re-assignment, and everything, that humanity as a whole should not be worrying about, shouldn't we be more worried about how many children we are UN-able to get off the streets at night, and be positive about the ones that we can strive to make an improved difference for, why do we need to be foolish and poke holes through each others religions, or make a big fuss of other cultures being different or "wrong" because it doesn't adhere to our ideals and beliefs, instead, why don't we embrace it and say, sure it's not my belief or what I know, but hey that's what they know, and it's working for them, just like my beliefs are working for me...

so REALLY PEOPLE why do we value metals and stones at a much higher level then human life? this is the high reason for the point of many peoples distaste, and aggression towards society and humanity, and then we go and encourage this terrible rawkus behavior by plastering it ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE, ad sticking it in everyone's face, this is doing nothing but causing more chaos, rather then alleviating any of the pressure in many many ways, what about putting weaponry money, into improving the quality of ALL human life, and the left overs (which would still be tenfold) into areas that need it, such as food supplies, rather then shipping rubbish food from everywhere, laiden with chemicals, and genetically modified strains, into farming, and stop building high rise buildings, they only set us up for destruction chaos and they r no good for ANY ONES HEALTH, humans re-act better with a variety of scenery, and it's twice the benefit and joy for our health having more flaura and fauna around, aesthetically AND emotionally!!!

We all walk around like zombies, rushing, running "socializing" online, do we even have 5 minutes to sit and have a coffee with friends and ACTUALLY take a deep breath?!?!
the way our modern day world is going, we'll be making "allowances for man made chemicals to keep us awake, just so we can WORK at night, all for what? to watch life pass us by?

like they say, life is what happens when ur making other plans!!!!

So next time you feel upset or worried about a trivial minimal thing like your hair/nails or make-up, try worrying about millions of suffering children, or how we can put more value on scrap metal then precious beings that only care to live a HUMANE life, which should be a basic right, but isn't, and then weigh up what you think is REALLY a global matter!!!

Think about it people think about it...
and please, make a CHANGE, BE NICE TO ONE PERSON, OR HELP SOMEONE ACROSS THE ROAD, don't be a cruel heartless bastard that thinks they can change things just by reading my blog, or or procrastinating!!! because if all of us decided to put things off till later, then for everyone who WANTS FAITH IN HUMANITY, there couldn't be any hope!

so if you take ONLY one message away from this, please remember, we really really need CHANGE
otherwise we'll regret not trying to reach out to others and at least TRYING!

10/12/11 09:08:08AM @hippyfish:

Well put... nothing changes if nothing changes...

These days people are afraid to help someone else in need, put themselves above a man down on his luck begging for a handout, turn the other way to a person hitching a ride.... why?? When did humanity, empathy and compassion get pushed to the wayside and humans become so cold-hearted?? Politicians, banks, government, celebritites.... they've all helped to corrupt the impressionable minds of the world into thinking that they must have the next best thing and so people are never truly happy with what they've got, always trying to imitate what they see on t.v., which in turn leads to more greed and less willingness for people to open their hearts for a stranger... heaven forbid humans actually gave away without hope of personal reward, but instead opened their souls for a smile.

10/12/11 03:44:53AM @hippiegal:

Amen, sister!

The media works on fear - it sells papers and makes people open to manipulation. It focuses on the negative so people don't feel good about themselves and each other. If people felt truly happy, they couldn't be conned into buying all this shit. Instead, we could ignore that and just focus on each other in a helpful, peaceful way.

BTW, I live in Australia, with people of all shades and colours. You friend will fit in quite well. :)

Castaway J
10/12/11 01:41:26AM @castaway-j:

wow, i already said it once, but you speak my mind lol. woman after my own heart!

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