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☮ soaring eagle ॐ

sooo close

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/27/12 11:00:58PM

i just invested some $ i didnt have into 1 of the best seo (search engine optimization) tools out there and i discovered that we are actualy beatting dhhq and kb in most ways i made several tweaks to the front page just now that may or may not put us over the edge

i found 1 thing we could certainly be doing better in is facebook and twitter sharing of the front page especialy

we could also use to have a much more active pressence on both

anyways we are very close to taking them down and the tweaks i just performed on the front page just might do the trick..i will know soon enough but im going to try to get us to number 1 this month if possible

in overall traffic and domain authority we are kicking their asses

(we also rank number 1 for dread salons and locticians haha)

anyway we just got a lik ways to go to reach that goal

so..share the front page on twitter and fb a couple hundred more times and i'll keep doin what im doin and we will getthere in no time

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