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☮ soaring eagle ॐ

music from the rainbow gatherings

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/22/11 07:32:09PM

music from the rainbow gatherings

washington 2011 national

full cd1 download

full cd2 download

pennsylvania 2010 national gathering

whole album download

new zealand 2009/2010 rainbow gathering

whole album

wyoming gathering 2008

download full album

panama mexico west virginia 2005

panama full album

mexico full album

west viginia full album

michigan 2002 rainbow gathering music

full album download links not yet avauilible (want to make 1?)

california 2004

please download individual songs no full album link availble yet

colorado 2006 music from the gathering

colorado cd 1

colorado cd2

montana 2000

no full album link download each song

utah 2003

new mexico 2009




idaho 2001

leftovers 2000-2008



leftovers 2008-2010

whole album


some recordings are not "music" but recordings of the ambient sounds of the rainbow, cooking foods squeeky musical waterwwheels frogs and birts etc

some are spoken word

most is music

special thanks go out to my brother tenali hedgehog for his dedication to preserving the rainbow vibes with decades of recordings

can you hear the love?

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