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Single Dreadie Male In Fairfield CA!

Dion Pyle
06/10/11 07:12:54AM

Ya know, I enjoy being single. The freedom is great, what's even better is if you can find a woman and still feel like you did when you were single. Only one thing has changed and that is you have now joined with your true mate in life. I too would love to be with a lovely smart beautiful on the inside and out (Inside is more important), witty, energetic, sarcastic, adventurous, doesnt mind running around the house cleaning or doing things naked, (I love to be naked, I think the human form is so beautiful and natural, it shouldn't be very clothed unless there is cold weather coming soon). Anyway. I could ramble for hours, though I would rather do that whilst talking directly with someone. With that being said, please if you would like to know more, please contact me and we can see if the sparks are enough to set us a blaze.

My name is Dion, I live in Fairfield Ca. currently. I am waiting for a soul mate/friend/lover/future wife. Someone to discover the world and all of its wonders with; lets get out there and learn new things and grow old together. Interested in dating and more in the near future?

Me: 34 years old (11th day of June 1976), brown hair, Hazel eyes, 5'9", 420 friendly. Cleans up nicely, never been married... YET. Outgoing and passionate in whatever I decide to do. A lot of different things interest me and hold my attention for longer than a few minutes (hopefully you being one of them). Let's see where do I start? Movies (action adventure, horror, thriller, "thinkers", comedy). I like to

act silly, sense of humor, some tv (not often), usually
anything [adult swim] (Family Guy, American Dad, squidbillies, home movies, metalocalypse etc.), the outdoors whether it be camping or walking/ hiking, swimming, photography, I am a musician at heart (Drums, Bass, guitar and I think I can sing OK) I miss playing live music on stage. I've got a few tattoos ( I want more), theater, Sushi, ethnic foods, driving, motorcycles, cycling, Poker with the guys (and you if you like to play), Scotch and nice cigars, video games ("Wow Head")(I like to play board games with the family and friends as well). Cooking, traveling, Horticulture, the finer things in life really. So many different things that I can get in to, you will have to pick my brain; too much to list.

You: Good head on your shoulders, outgoing, life challenges don't freak you out, likes kids, wants kids or more kids in the future, isn't freaked out by commitment and marriage, you don't have to be a straight arrow; on the edge is a good thing. Walk on the wild side, willing and interested in trying new things, open minded, (relationships are 150%/150%), Absolutely loves and enjoys sex and love making (isn't against letting loose in this department and being experimental/ adventurous, Im definitely not a prude). That is pretty much it, I hope you get the idea lol. I hope that doesn't scare anyone off. If you're not scared we would most likely get along well.

I live in a house, have a car and as far as work goes I have a couple part time jobs one of which is a business that I run doing handyman work and yard maintenance (Dion's Home maintenance Services). I'm always coming up with a way to make money, I tend to be entrepreneurial of mind. Life is about so much more than what you do though. It is about the relationships you develop and nurture. It is about social impact in your community and it is about the growth and learning you experience. Passing that knowledge and the experiences you receive on to the kids. It is about living passionately.

If my rambling has piqued your interest, you should send me a message. I'm looking forward to reading email soon. I have nothing to hide, I am pretty much an open book, I wear my heart on my sleeve most of the time. Honesty is hot; Lying is not. I welcome you to pick my brain and get to know me. Lets see where that leads us.

My number is (707) 290-0643 and my email/yahoo messenger address is (email) / dionpyle@sbcglobal (Yahoo Messenger)

Let's talk soon, Until then, Blessed BE!

Dion Pyle

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