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Rainbow Family rookie concerns

Nathan Warren
10/25/10 09:22:59PM
My first gathering was the '10 national in pa. it was amazing and i am def attending more. a complete life changing experience. but, while i was there i noticed that there were people there who seemed very stuck up, when i tried to talk to them or say hi or even just pass by. i got the vibes like they thought they were better than me, a lot of the same vibes you get in Babylon walking down the streets or in stores(i dont mean to offend anybody with terminology, im just gonna use all the words i picked up from the two weeks i was there) . now i dont know if it was my location at the gathering. I was camped in "crusty corner" by shut up and eat it. there were a lot of street kids in that area, and schwilly camp was near by too. i didnt like hanging out in that area, mainly cause i dont like alcohol and there seemed to be plenty of it around there. when i explored, the "scenes" changed, it was like walking around in high school. and i didnt like it. i noticed that people were there for different reasons, some just to get f*%@ed up. some for spiritual, some for vacation, and some who just follow the gatherings.I dont know why i wrote this, i guess to just express my concerns. the next gathering i go to, i dont wanna be in a negative area, cause thats such a positive place to be, its Home, i dont want to feel unwelcome when im home. I want to be around people who are positive and loving and excepting. people who know what Rainbow Family is. If anyone can give me some pointers on where to camp next time, or just share anything with me about Rainbow, I will be very grateful. I love you brothers and sisters, im very home sick
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