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dreadlocks shampoo
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One of the best conditioner... sorry if you are vegan

Ham'diya Mu
09/21/10 03:53:48PM
I do dred lock maintainance..I usually will either make my own product or use a product that my client has tried and would like for me to use in their hair in which I don't have a problem with that at all!!However in my continual research with "my" I have came across some interesting home made ingredients to condition my crowning glory..sit down because if your are vegan or might not want to heard this..Mayonnaise!!That's right mayonnaise is ONE of the best things I have used in my hair just look at my pictures!! I have found that mayonnaise does so much for my hair and I have used it on my clients with incrediable results !!What does mayonnaise do you might ask...mmm.... well it cleanse the lock!When you have a build up of shampoo, hair pomade, oils or that totally warm fuzzy blanket you use to keep warm at night..mayonnaise will get into the lock and loosen those little thingies out just massage into each lock for a while then shampoo (remember to dilute first ) then rinse...viola beautiful hair!
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