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I find myself in a unique situation, looking for what you all think..

Jake Holland
06/11/10 10:34:50PM
So a week ago I was at a music festival camping out. One of the people that came with us brought his ex girlfriend with him. I was kind of unsure what the situation was between the two of them so I was mildly flirting with her, danced with her at the show and was having a really good time. So at the end of our last night we both dropped acid and went in my tent and hung out. She ends up sleeping with me, just sleeping no fooling around or anything, I was still a little unsure of what was going on with her and I suppose I was a bit nervous since I havnt been in a position like this in a long time since I am newly single. So we exchange numbers and have been trying to hang out. This is where it starts to get interesting. So she is 19, has a 7 month old daughter, she dances at a sort of strip joint (no nudity) and we were supposed to hang out last night but she drops this fantastic piece of info on me. She's going to rehab to detox for five days because she has been doing painkillers and is worried she is getting addicted to them! So the girls obviousely made some bad choices in life and Im sure there is a ton of baggage. Most of my friends are telling me I shouldn't talk to her and that it's a bad idea to get involved with her. Now I'm 25 and I don't care that she is 19. I don't care that she has a baby, I love kids. I really don't care about her job or her issues with pills. Should I? I just got out of a 5 year relationship of which the last year and a half we were engaged. I'm not looking for a relationship, and Im not looking to get laid. Whatever happens happens and I will be honest with her about me not looking for anything serious. I like her, she's a cool chick and we have a lot in common. So what do you guys/gals think?
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