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The First Trimester Is OVER

user image 2017-01-17
By: skywarrior
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Normally when a woman gets to 12 weeks in her pregnancy the first trimester is over. I will have started my dread journey 15 weeks ago tomorrow. It has been an interesting journey and I have the support I never thought I would have. I reconnected with a couple of friends that my boyfriend also has and life has been bliss since hanging out with them regularly. My friend, Cletus really thinks my dread compliment my personality. And the more they mature the more Im in love. I really feel like my whole head is dreaded aside from a few loose hairs about. I know everything will find its place eventually and I can't wait to see the transformation happen.

Having my dreads is really like watching a pregnancy grow. It amazes me what different way my hair will want to part today or what weird entanglement they will get themselves into next. It also staves off my desire to get pregnant too, be able to watch something so similar. We aren't in a good place financially to expand our family unfortunately. Having my dreads gives me a healthy outlet to tend to something and passively watch them change. I also got a four week old kitten in September and he's now almost 6 months old. Having him around to cuddle does kind of trick my brain to not think about actively wanting another baby.

Its been an amazing life since I started this dread journey. I feel so amazing and positive all the time. I really talk to myself now in a positive light. I smile more. Im happier and a better mom to my son. Life is aaahmahhzing. I couldn't have asked for more.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/03/17 02:51:12PM @soaring-eagle:


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