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Skanking Ank


Location: heerlen
Country: NL

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Glowing fire

Glowing fire

9 years ago - Comments: 0
Babylon Rule Dem

Babylon Rule Dem

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Jamaican tour guide

Jamaican tour guide

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Afbeelding vorig jaar 279
love tha bass off high tone
Just a little weed on the balcony. LOL . love holland!!!!
Skanking Ank in Action
doing the thing i like most
nov '09   dreads 12,5 years!!!
in the dubforrest
flyer skankin´Ankl
enjoying Queen ifrica
Afbeelding vorig jaar 151
Afbeelding vorig jaar 528
Afbeelding vorig jaar 1384


Angel of Jah
12/29/10 10:40:47AM @angel-of-jah:
Greetings in Jah name, long time me nah been on this site, giving thanks for life and your blessings for friendship,

Arturis Static
07/19/10 02:45:10PM @arturis-static:
I just saw your pic in the pic of the week and I must say truly an awesome pic of the week. Wow those are really beautiful blond locks. Congrats !!How long have you been growing them?

Lonnie Berg
03/20/10 10:47:34PM @lonnie-berg:
Luv'n your new pic sister....soooooo beautiful

Stephanie Saunders
02/04/10 06:19:09PM @stephanie-saunders:
your welcome for friendship. Thank you too sister :) Bless

Stephanie Saunders
02/04/10 01:52:08PM @stephanie-saunders:
Oh my your dreads are beautiful. True inspiration. What r your secrets pretty one?!

01/21/10 05:24:24PM @alice:
Oh ja, 't is niet erg;)Ik heb ze na een maand uitgekamd en heb een afspraak staan voor volgende week vrijdag in Leiden. Dan worden ze gezet door iemand die het wel kan =DToch bedankt!

01/16/10 09:16:31AM @bones:
you too!

11/27/09 01:34:59PM @asko:

lino sanchez
11/09/09 07:11:23PM @lino-sanchez:
thankss hows life?

lino sanchez
10/14/09 10:24:03PM @lino-sanchez:
hey hows it going?

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