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needing some advice

user image 2012-01-02
By: shannon marie mavity
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i just joined this site so im not really sure how it works or where to post everything but i just have a question.

i had dreads for a year and just recently cut them out. of coarse i miss them so im letting my hair naturally dread again but the dreads are super short,wide, and flat. should i try backcombing or just let it go?

shannon marie mavity
01/03/12 12:34:04AM @shannon-marie-mavity:
thank you both :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/02/12 11:12:17PM @soaring-eagle:

if too wide just seperate

split em up into thinner dreads

01/02/12 10:58:52PM @oneness:

sounds like your more experienced at this than me but if you want my opinion:just let Jah dread your hair.short and wide should equal fat and dense the flatness should round out over time

peace and love

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