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Location: Clarksville, TN
Zipcode: 37043
Country: US


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6.5 Month (202 Days) Old Neglect Natural Dreadlocks Progress Blog

4 weeks since the under-half of my hair was beaded.
05/05/12 06:32:21PM @samalamajam:

The ones that are cracking are very small round wooden beads. I guess it's to my advantage that they are cracking though.

05/05/12 08:03:01AM @manj:

you have so many dreads, all lovely! What kind of beads do you use which crack?

05/05/12 02:18:19AM @treeofdread:

A beautiful mess! ;)

05/02/12 09:22:27AM @stephani:

Elder Lock!! haha I love it!

05/02/12 02:47:35AM @jess2:

I defo would love to do a video at some stage! I always enjoy watching everyone elses and I know they were a big inspiration for me when I first started dreading my hair! And yes I think the same thing but I have just been putting long heavyish beads on the ends that they fit on and it sorta squishes it in. Has worked for a few of mine :)

05/01/12 11:33:27PM @samalamajam:

no worries. Id love to see them in a video. Just be weird and awesome in front of the camera. Whenever I'm not feeling good in front of the camera I just giggle a lot :D yeah the flat bits at the end are weird. It's awesome to watch what they're doing. I'm wondering if they're ever going to round out at the ends.

05/01/12 09:15:32PM @jess2:

thats awesome! I am around the same point too and mine are very similar to yours, straight down to the end then a big flat bit where it has looped like crazy. Its so fun to watch :) i really wanna do a video cause pictures dont show what my dreads really look like but I am not good in front of a camera haha

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