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The History of My Hair

By: SaGem
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I was born bald...the make you wanna lick the palm of your hand and slap the back of a head bald. Not a wisp of hair. My mom always dressed me in pink and ruffles so I wouldn't be mistaken for a it still didn't stop the same old question, is it a boy or a girl?! I didn't start to grow hair until I was one. But once it started, it did not stop. My hair grew to be very thick, lush, and long.My hair for some reason always tempted boys to pull and tug on my ponytails. I had a couple of fights a year because of this :) During high school, I dabbled with perms and hot combs. Nothing ever produced results I wanted. I wanted less hair and ease with combing&styling. I wore one style usually, a ponytail in various styles.It wasn't until I moved to the Middle East that I truly began to accept my hair and actually care for it. I became obsessed with everything hair, joined the long hair community fourm, and found hair food. Deep oil&condition treatments, scalp massages, and henna treatments was the base of my hair care routine. I truly developed a relationship with my hair that led to an understanding of self. As I accepted my hair and got my fingers dirty with love&care...I did the same with myself.My hair grows at a nice rate (2 inches per month if it and my body is treated well), loves certain oils, and it thrives within styles that require it to be coiled (twisted, braided, etc.) together. I would classify it as medium-coarse most of the time, but then again it could be fine-medium....truly it has a texture of its own.How I came to dreadlocks is a mystery to me. I have never wanted or felt moved to dread my hair. I have only ever had one friend with dreadlocks, and now thinking back I am not entirely sure she had dreads. It could have just been twists. In truth it is not I that desire dreads, it is my hair that desires dreads. It is more of a feeling or a calling rather than a desire...I lack the ability to explain.The story of hair :)
09/07/10 08:07:37PM @sagem:
:) Awesome

meg ☮
08/30/10 07:54:11AM @meg:
Cause I'd love to cut out the cost of soap, too! Although the cost is next to nothing for me

08/30/10 05:53:14AM @sagem:
I use BS in my bath soaks&salts. I am sure a scrub could be made with it as well. BS is a well rounded very inexpensive product....Much love for BS :)))

meg ☮
08/29/10 05:10:19PM @meg:
I figure that once my shampoo runs out, I'll switch to baking soda. Would a baking soda be sufficient for washing the rest of your body, too? I wonder.

08/29/10 05:08:22PM @sagem:
Sounds great. I don't use poo or condish, well not commerical ones anymore. I tried SE's BS&ACV wash and I am sold! I want to try a varation of the BS&ACV wash and a poo bar next.

meg ☮
08/28/10 06:24:34PM @meg:
I don't use condish at all anymore, and I use an organic natural cone-free shampoo thing I got at my local co-op.

08/27/10 08:49:16PM @sagem:
Yes, T&R is VERY time consuming :D Backcombing proves most of the time to be a waste of time unless wax is used, and we all know that is not the way to go ;) Not to mention it just screams damage to me. Really if I was not so concerned about sections&managability I would have gone natural. My hair is just too wild.I agree with you, keep going! :) What do you use for wash&condish nowadays?

meg ☮
08/27/10 07:23:21PM @meg:
I tried doing a section t&r, and it was just waaay too time consuming for me :P I had no patience for it. I did some backcombing, which was also a waste of time, but rather than comb out the knots I did have leftover after the backcombing fell out, I figured, hey, made it this far, I'll just keep going :)

08/27/10 07:16:35PM @sagem:
Rinse, rinse, and rinse....rinse, rinse, and rinse. And when you think you have rinsed it all out, rinse, rinse, and rinse :D That's the only tip I can give for removing henna without condish ;) Although, may be dreads respond differently to henna *shrugs*Ahhhh not touching the mane is the best part! Sections was a great concern of mine, which is why I chose T&R instead of natural. I just cut my hair back in June, a bob with layers and to go grow that out into natural dreads would not be fun for me. I need sections. I am taking baby steps. Leaving poo/condish&comb/brush is a lot for me at one time, so.....

meg ☮
08/27/10 05:33:12PM @meg:
It's just some cone-free one I picked up at the dollarstore. Not gonna spend a lot of money on a conditioner that gets used up in bulk :P I'm not sure how to get it out without conditioner if I choose to henna again once my dreads have matured.I love not touching my hair! Just wake up and go :) Except I'm trying to section it a bit right now, and finding it a little difficult ^^''

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