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Location: Clifton Park
Zipcode: 12065
Country: United States

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My name isRosa Maria but my friends call me Rose and I’m on my dreadlock journey. I live in Upstate New York with my husband and three children. I own an Etsy shop that features hand made dreadlock beads, Ear Plugs, hair sticks and smudge fans for spiritual cleansing. I also offer few vintage items. I’m happy to part of this dreadlock community 

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Posted a new Comment on CLEARANCE Musical Notes Tan Flameworked Glass Dreadlock Bead:
"Beautiful dreadlock bead!"
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Posted a new Comment on @rosamaria:
"Thank you so much for this information!"
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@rosamaria • 4 years ago
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08/24/19 02:09:22PM @rosamaria:
Thank you so much for this information!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/24/19 10:39:27AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome rose!! so happy you joined

are you sure you want to start with those methods again when your hair dreads so fast? if so, just twist and riip not backcomb back in the 80s (you loook way too young to remember thAt haha) women would lightly backcomb or tease the hair, nothging nearly as agressive as the backcombing to dread

and this is what it did to hair


your hairs covered in scale like cuticles meant to open and close in response to temp, moisture, and ph changes  which helps regulate and protect the hair

once backombed and the cuticles damaged they no longer function and the hairs more easily damaged by other means like heat, it also doesnt as efficiently seal in moisture

but, look through the site thouroughly ask questions before starting  most wil recommend just letting it dread (i recommend it most of all) however

if the natural process is too crazy due to extremely fast dreading  well then its understandable to tnr

okh speaking of insanely fast dreading  with crazy results, and  still having spiritual or otherwise having meaning

thgis awesome guys dread thing formed in a singgle night in a cuddle puddle in a tipi

long long time later after he cut it he still caries it with him at all times

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