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dreadlocks shampoo
Robin Schmauss


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Robin Schmauss
11/08/12 07:09:31PM @robin-schmauss:

thanks, everyone! i'm glad i could share my progress. it's great having people who can relate and show support <3 i really appreciate the kind words

11/08/12 03:13:07PM @rhiannon2:

I think they look great as well. I have a few lumpy looking guys too, I am 7months in. Love the Matisyahu track you were listening too.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/04/12 12:32:34PM @soaring-eagle:

several of mine are like that ..its normal they look cute on ysa

11/04/12 12:18:58PM @dreadfulscotty:

My dreads are forming the same way and I'm only at month 3. At first it was hard to accept it, but just love them! They will look awesome!

Kylan Andrews
11/04/12 10:43:24AM @kylan-andrews:

i think your dreads look nuts and thatthere'snothing wrong with them if im not mistaken they look liketheirgoing through the maturing faze :O tho i have seen a vid of a guy whos had dreads for 3 years and they seem to have stayed flat tho they look like a lions mane so i think thats pretty bad ass too

Jessica Wilson
10/31/12 04:20:31PM @jessica-wilson:

patience and love :)

10/31/12 02:32:05PM @tazz:

Hahahah! I love how the hair looks right now. I know you say it makes you look homeless but I think it looks awesome!

I'm halfway to a homeless man myself sometimes. They'll be so awesome in another year.

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