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Location: nsw
Country: AU


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04/15/10 01:58:59AM @rootzvalley:
tnx for the add up Rebel. namaste'

Kris D.
04/14/10 08:50:27PM @kris-d:
Wuddafux up, then?!Welcome to the site, hope you have a grand time here with all of us:]

Lonnie Berg
04/14/10 08:44:17PM @lonnie-berg:
Thank you Sweet One, I'm honored and looking forward to sharing with you....namaste'

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/27/10 08:10:18AM @soaring-eagle:
I JUJST GOTTA HUG YOU!! WELCOME SISTER I CAN TELL WE'RE GONNA LOVE EACHOTHER :)IM SO GLAD YOUR HEREHUGS HUGS HUGS oops caps sorry i gueses i was excited and wanyed the hugs to be big hugs

03/27/10 04:36:30AM @toungz:
yu and yure dreadies are very preeti :p ^_^

Ba Marley
05/02/13 04:34:45PM @ba-marley:

youre right we have similar texture.i always wonder how mine would look if i know thanks to you:).for ideal dreads i would choose half of mine,half of yours and put them together lol

Gabriel Audet-Bourgault
03/26/13 02:53:27PM @tyler-chidester:

GoldiLocs, your dreads look awesome. I am 2 months ahead of you and wow, yours are so more advanced.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/13/13 04:53:15PM @soaring-eagle:

sure thing

Gabriel Audet-Bourgault
03/06/13 01:56:05PM @tyler-chidester:

Thanks back at ya. I am fascinated by the entire process and how the sections go when they are shrinking. Until dreading, I would have never thought our hair could do this. When I decided to start, I did not look into the shrinking process, so I was surprised by it all, a good surprise though. Have a great day, Peace

Gabriel Audet-Bourgault
03/06/13 01:40:21PM @tyler-chidester:

Wow GoldiLocs, less than a year and look at them! All that shrinkage made beautiful locs for . Thanks for sharing. Peace

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