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Ras J


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on my way.

user image 2010-07-13
By: Ras J
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so its been a little bit less than a month now since starting my journey.. i can see how my hair is sectioning itself.. its pretty exciting.. wen i wash my hair i can feel them coming togther.. i am anxious and eager to see wut they will become.. as i see others dreads i wonder wut mine will look like.. for now the sectioning is all that is really visable.. i have some frizz.. not a total lot but not a little bit either.. the baking soda wash seems to be working good for me.. about twice a week i wash but i think im gonna start a little bit more often.. and use the acv rinse inbetween because i am getting some dandruff and itchiness.. i scratch my head and the dandruff shows more but is still pretty hidden in the mess.. the acv works well and i rinse my hair every morning with cold water and it helps.. i just recently ordered 2 tams online so im also waiting anxiously for those to arrive in the mail.. i am gonna wear them at night and wen not a work cuz they wont allow it.. my hair gets all smashed and very wild in the morning from all my tossing and turning.. so im hoping the tams will help.. wen a work i sometimes but it back with a big band but it seem to be keeping the the hair on the side of my head from dreading.. the back and front has been the most progressive.. so i like to let my hair flow naturally the days im not busy... well untill next time.. i will post some pictures soon so u all can see my process..peace and loveras j
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