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Time to Gush

user image 2010-12-01
By: Rahbin
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Okay i attend horror conventions regularly (as guest, volunteer and filmmaker/booth) and have met some wonderful people over the years but i must say that two of my greatest highlights were meeting 2 absolutely wonderful and truly nice/sweet men:Billy Drago (who i interviewed for an HOUR for our youtube series) a man who loves to talk and relate, and is a bit of a kindred spirit who like myself believes in the power of energy and karma, good hippie vibes and loves to hug and was surprisingly affectionate. Completely opposite in real life to the wonderfully demented psycho's he plays on screen!The other was just a month ago- Julian Sands- I was completely nervous meeting Jules not knowing what to expect (not wanting to be disappointed), and was bowled over by his great energy. He was very soft-spoken and like Billy and myself, was a hugger (trees included!) and i think i got at least 3 bear hugs from him, and 3 kisses on my cheeks (BLUSHING!) Totally sweet and affable. I rarely buy an autograph, this time i did and i have the 2nd best ever (second only to Clive Barkers drawing/autograph in my book)!Needless to say i am completely taken with them (energy not sexually!).3 Degrees of:-Billy has been on SUPERNATURAL (one of my FAV. tv shows) and we talked briefly about that :)-Julian plays Jor-el on SUPERMAN (another FAV tv show) and has worked with Callum Blue (SIGH!!!) who happens to have played Zod on the show, and we talked about the show and i had to discretely mention Callum and I was very happy to hear that Callum was a "wonderful, nice gentleman" XDUsually nothing much phases me, but these 2 experiences did, in a good way. THANKS GUYS!!!OH yeah---I have to mention the guys from "The Lost Boys" I've met them 3 x's and every time I have a blast and they remember me and pick up conversations where they last left off it seems with ease. They are all great guys, incredibly nice and at times quite talkative. Just a shout-out to them! Holla!!
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