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Earthship construction

By: Pisces
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Well the weather has finally begun to clear up here in Canada. Ive been working on the second floor quite a bit. Now the entire first floor of my earthship is comprised of tires. However i used cob and then adobe to insulate and cover the tires as i live in a colder climate. Instead of using straw bales for the second floor ive decided to primarily use cob. The building aspect of the is hugely speedy and i can avoid potential mold problems in the future with greater ease. Ive found the first floor is a tropical temperature and very moist almost like living in Florida. The only concrete i used so far was for the frame of my 5500 gallon aquarium. Im trying to perfect a siphon system into bio filters and the rear has a valve so i can heat the cement bottom of the tank as needed to keep the temp up if for some reason it chills to much. There is back up electrical heat for when i head to Thailand and Aus but i have arranged for someone to stay there for the month im gone to keep an eye on things.

Ive gone a little hybrid and fixed issues i found with the earth ship design itself. My goal was to 90% of the material in the home from on site or from previous demolitions or homes. I just bought a video camera so i can document the building process. Im working on adding a saltwater hot tub outside comprised of an adobe/cement mixture and old hardware from a destroyed hot tub. But its a side project and ill try to put up some material on it shortly.

So far septic and plumbing to indoor gardens has been great. Electrical has been fine. Ohh and ive been experimenting with using buckwheat hull and straw to stuff duck cloth mattresses. This has been very successful! I have a king size mattress stuffed this way and ive added lavender and nag champ packets to the inside to give the mattress an always fresh smell. I flip it every 2 weeks and i would say its the best ive ever slept. The whole thing cost me $80 canadian to make. For a king size mattress thats golden!!!! Gonna put up a tutorial on mattress making as soon as i have time to figure out adding things to youtube.

Stay tuned as i will begin to add tutorials on grey water plumbing systems. How to build a green home from scratch. You dont need tires to do it there are other methods which you can use that are just as easy to learn. Work with whats available in your area. Grace your dreams with effort!


Earthship Biotecture
05/07/10 01:02:11PM @earthship-biotecture:
Canada Earthship Network: Earthship is a radically sustainable home made of recycled materials. The Ultimate in Green Buildings.Electricity: From the sun and wind.Water: From rain and snow melt, used four times.Sewage: Treated on site in botanical planters.Heating and Cooling: From the sun and the earth.Food: Grow inside and outside.Earthships can be built in any climate, anywhere in the world. From extreme cold close to the poles to the equator.Earthships allow you to live in harmony with the environment,with security, modern amenities, a higher returnon your investment and a low risk/high value asset.

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