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Eternal High - Enlightment

02/05/13 11:16:11AM


I'm going to talk about todays meditation

I first opened all my chakras and did all the usual thing, was sitting at start, i was listening to meditation music.

For sometime i saw While light blinking in my mind.

Then i just had an urgent need to close the music, i did it and went to lay on my bed, in quietness.

I first focused my 7th chakra intentionally.

I felt higher powers, and the white light become stronger from every breath.

I've always wondered what enlightment is like.

After all this experience i had just moments ago, i feel like i'm closer to jah.

I've realized so many things after this meditation. Like that my body is part of me, i don't need to think for it to do something automaticly, like ofc everybody knows this but i found it on another, higher level.

I feel Oneness, all the time. It's been only 1 hour since i meditated, so i don't think eternal high is this, eventho i feel same all the time, heh.

Movin' forward to tho, day by day.

I also noticed, usually my faulths just come out of me, now i think very long if something is good for i , good for others, and good in total, before even opening mouth.

I was also fullfilled with energy of jah after all this lovely experience.

I don't feel like i am normal, i feel like i'm high on something strong, that i don't need anything else, i hope this lasts.

I just wanted to share this lovely experience with all you.

One love

Jah bless:)

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