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a different dreadlock experience

By: Peaceful Dread
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I am a part time boss, and I have ppl employed. One of my employees is a Caribbean girl that grew up with her rasta daddy at a banana plantation in Dominica. She had a rasta name (before she changed it) and she had dreads from the first day it was possible to dread her baby hair. She was carrying banana boxes from a child already, and she was forced to study the bible and the rasta religion. Up until today she is a hard worker, the best there is.When she saw her boss (me) dreading his hair, she wanted to vomit. The first thing she said was that dreads and whites don't gel. She completely hates dreads. Her teenage revolution was about cutting all her dreads off. That was how she was revolting against her daddy. Later on she changed her rasta name. And as the cherry on top she also hates weed.Now she is living as far from dreadlocks, rastas and Jah as she can. Except for her dreaded boss, that is.So that you know, many of us here is revolting by having dreadlocks... but it is actually possible to do it the complete opposite way around.
Marlee Skye
12/05/10 09:53:22PM @marlee-skye:
yes, people are too forceful, my ex tells me all the time he wants to dread our barely 2 year old daughters hair. I told him that is not a choice for us to make, it is her choice.. when she gets older, and if she wants dreads like "mommy and daddy" than she can.. if she wants a purple mo-hawk.. so be it :) lol..

Peaceful Dread
11/25/10 04:55:54PM @peaceful-dread:
soaringeagle - True... unfortunately.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/25/10 04:48:51PM @soaring-eagle:
understandable since all religions can be used as opressive ways of control and can be forced down throughtsive seen this in every religionits a shameppl are way too forceful in spreading theyre beliefs especialy to theyre children

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