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Dirty my look

By: Peaceful Dread
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I could never wear snobbish clothes before I had dreads. If I did, I always looked like one of the guys in "Days of our lives", combed, foolish and soppy. With snobbish clothes I mean a shirt and a jacket maybe. But now, with my dreads I can wear anything and still look, what I call "normal". Still look me, if you know what I mean? Identity again. One wants to look the way one feels like inside. And I definitely don't feel like one of the "Days of our lives"-guys inside. It's as far as one can get from my self image.Before I had dreads I had to dress down to feel comfortable and to fight against my soppy look. Now it is not necessary to do that anymore. My dreads has given me the freedom to dress the way I wanna dress.May seem like a stupid problem I had, but it was real to me.
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