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Blond dreads doing Italy

user image 2010-08-28
By: Peaceful Dread
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I'm crazy about blogging, so I will probably be busy here both now and then. My English is not perfect, but I will try my best.I signed up today. As soon as I poked my nose in here I heard that I was doing wrong in using my crochet needle. That little needle that I was so happy about was causing damage to my hair? Damn it! I was so happy when I finally found that needle a month ago. And I was also very happy that it didn't cost more than a couple of dollars. And I desperately needed that needle, cause I must look representative at work. I'm in family therapy and with the kinda families I work with I just can't stick out too much. I must be neat to a certain extent. And that little needle was expected to be my savior.Now I've been told to throw away that savior of mine. Now I must find other ways to create some kinda neatness in this hair of mine. That will be tough.Anyway, I wrote "Blond dreads in Italy" on top of this. That is because I flew to Italy about a week ago, and I stayed there five days. I had to travel without my precious crochet needle. One can't have things like that in the bag. Terrorists use things like that. I'm always trying to fly light, with only hand luggage. Checking in a bag by Ryan Air is always more expensive than the actual flight ticket is. That meant no crochet.And yes, I understand what you are saying. Without the crochet needle my hair looked worse than ever on top. One must really be busy with that crochet needle all the time.But still, my dreads made success even though I thought they looked terrible. Pisa have a leaning tower, but Pisa don't have many dread heads. And they don't have any blond dread head at all. But last week they had me and they seemed to like it. Dreads somehow open peoples minds. And only a few of the Italians associated my hairstyle with weed or with Rastas. I was happy for that, because I don't smoke weed and I am not a Rasta.I am only a dread head and I love it!But I want you guys to know that I am happy to have found you. I really like this forum!Over and out!
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