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Panterra Caraway


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Ran across this and thought it was beautiful, hope you do too!

user image 2010-07-03
By: Panterra Caraway
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Dear FriendsIt is my greatest pleasure to present this book MIRACLE APPLES to you for your consideration.Let me explain how I came across this book, and what the book is about.I was sitting in the lounge of JAL in Tokyo waiting to go back to New York. I picked up this book from the newly published books displayed in the corner. Once I started to read the book, I could not put it down. The attendant of the waiting room told me I could take the book with me, so I read the whole book on the plane to New York, and immediately wished there was a second book on this subject.This book is a revolution. It is a true story of how an apple farmer worked for 10 years to find a way to grow apples without using any insecticide. I assume the method he has discovered does not just apply to growing apples, but any plants raised with insecticide.As he worked year after year, people of the village and his friends all started to think he had gone crazy. At first, the apple orchard he inherited from his ancestors was destroyed by his not using any insecticide. Clouds of insects came to his orchard from other orchards which used insecticide. His two sons quit school to avoid being teased by their classmates. He lost all his savings, and had to be a bouncer in a local bar for a while. His wife did not say anything, but every day she delivered her handmade lunch in a beautiful lunchbox to the field where he was sitting by himself, unshaved, not doing anything anymore but watching the sky.After ten years of this, he finally thought he had been wrong in starting this incredible journey. One full moon night, he went up a hill to commit suicide. He sat on a stone, and wondered how he could do it.Then suddenly a distant tree caught his eye; the tree was shining in the moonlight. It was an apple tree!Why would a single apple tree be here on this hill? he thought.He ran to the tree and found out that it was not an apple tree, but the tree gave him inspiration. Thats right! The apple trees in the orchards are all raised at first in a green house and then replanted; the natural roots were cut off. You need the natural roots to raise a strong and healthy tree. So he got apple trees with natural roots, and sprayed little amounts of vinegar instead of insecticide. The strange thing was that the insects did not come around the apple trees in his orchard anymore.After this discovery, he was interviewed on TV. A documentary of his story was made, and he became famous. Every day he gets many emails from people wanting to buy his apples. He refuses to mass-produce them, so the apples are sold very slowly to people who line up for them.The Miracle Apples also do not deteriorate, since there is nothing bad in them. I think thats how our bodies could be if we didnt have any poison in them.If his method is used to raise fruits and vegetables, it will save our children, our grand children, and us, from getting unnecessary illness.Thats why I call this book a revolution. I hope you will feel the same.Sincerely,yokoYoko OnoJuly 2010New York City
Panterra Caraway
11/06/11 03:11:04AM @panterra-caraway:

Thank you Cheekychu <3 I will check that out! :)

11/06/11 02:39:56AM @cheekychu:

awesome! and you're right :) if you haven't seen it already, check out a documentary called 'Dying to Have Known', or get your hands on a book called 'The Gerson Therapy'. Amazing stuf!!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/03/10 02:49:53PM @soaring-eagle:
definately would be best in the love organic group but like it alotthnx

07/03/10 02:39:41PM @earthstudios:
very nice story.

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