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Don't Let me Down

user image 2012-08-06
By: Obby Lightstick2
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That's how it startedIntelligence replaced by chemic-o dependenceWilling to die just for an instantA simple smudge with sophisticationAlmost nothing left to do, but jump ship.What's the point of wasted potential?Every moment a calculated step to the end.I meant to step, but slipped down that ledgeImpossible, love is simple and easySpent the mental and now you can't see meMy days fusing to critical massI must leave this placeAny change of plans make hasteThe first trip was a pipedreamMirrored and alone, you'll never see my face again.
Obby Lightstick2
08/06/12 05:23:57PM @obby-lightstick2:
It depends on if you broke your leg while falling down the ledge. That would make it pretty difficult to jump anywhere.

08/06/12 04:58:37PM @totheankles:
Can you still jump ship? Or is it too late for that after slipping down the ledge?I'd jump ship anyway, better late then never.

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