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Day 17

user image 2012-05-18
By: Nogawar
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My hair: I've never been able to style it, it laughs at hair products and tools (curling irons and such); it's always had a mind of it's own and disagreed with everything I've done to alter it (dye it any color, even black, and in no time my natural red-gold highlights are shining brightly through.) So, dreads--it seems this is what my head has been waiting for. It's cooperating so well, with splitting into tinier sections and beginning to dread up with little help. I have been separating some of the bigger clumps, and TNR here and there, but really my hair is happy to be doing this and is moving itself along quite nicely. I've added some beads just for the hell of it, and I salt water spray it a few hours before I wash it (every three to four days.) I am loving it. <3

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