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dreadlocks shampoo

i think i just had my last one...

Castaway J
11/05/12 07:05:44PM

i was out on break like normal talking and having a smoke...i dont normally smoke two like i used to within our 15 minute break, but i lit up another one. upon taking my first drag i immediately broke the smoke in half and threw it. i grabbed my less than half empety pack and threw it away too (i later just gave it to a friend to smoke lol.)
i hope that this feeling that came over me will be lasting. i feel my dreads have been maturing a lot, and in a way forsaw this coming. i now feel my dreads have matured to a point, and i need to as well. this has been a 14 year habit for me to break...please help ive never willingly quit on my own, and i do not know what it is like to live with a cigarette, its really sad when i think about it :(
peace and love to you all...

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