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Just a bit about me

Carrie Sue
06/23/11 02:02:16PM

I am excited to find a native american group here. I have so much to learn and even share. As far as native blood, I have nothing confirmed, but shaded family stories always named my great grandmother as being full blooded, of what tribe? I don't know. Regardless, I am, at least a red heart.

After high school, I joined an all nations native american dance group (my bff's grandfather served as Chief) and went to several Powwows, festivals, parades, even school assemblies. I have been a member of this group now for 11 years, and even held the title of "head female dancer" for a couple years. Unfortunatly, we are a small group in western PA, where , although full of native american history, is really lacking in a true presence. We gladly teach what we know, but are more suited to be students ourselves. When I was head dancer, I tried to ask for help and feedback via the internet, but was quicklychastisedfor being "fake indian"(sorry, I'm not off the rez)...and that's the short on why I don't dance anymore. The other downfall to this group is the family politics. I hate drama...I'm allergic to drama.

Now I focus more on crafts, and maintaining my daughters' jingle dresses. I've messed around with quill work, ribbons, bead work, leather (evenmoccasins), weaving, and I make beautiful fans and dancing sticks. I have even dug and fired my own clay. I make what I make for my families regalia, and have never sold or traded anything...even my youngests first moccs were made into matching medicine bags for her and I.

I was given a native name in 2004, "Warrior Spirit Woman" due to my tomboy-ishness. My oldest daughter is "Little Dancing Feather" and my youngest is "Smiling Dove." The names are kind of hokey and don't get used much, but the thought that was put into them, and our beautiful naming ceramonies make them important to me. (Even if they would be laughed at on "the rez")

ok, I'm done rambling on and on. If the crowd and attitude on this website says anything, I know this group will accept me and understand where I am coming from, at least a little. Thanks for reading :) Peace and Love

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