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Location: Saskatchewan
Country: CA

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Natural Free Form Dreadlocks at 7 months!

My natural roots are at 7 months! Absolute craziness.. Sorry for my oddness, it was another 'off' day for me! ^_^
01/08/12 04:47:04PM @naturelover:

Why thank you! I made most of them. (:

Nathan Hammond
01/08/12 03:47:27PM @nathan-hammond:

Your bracelets and necklaces are super awesome!

12/27/11 09:46:48PM @naturelover:

Thank you for informing me! I'm not saying that in a sarcastic way either. It's nice to know what can happen. I don't know what i'll do yet, but we'll see. Thank you anyways! (: and thanks for your compliment!

Geert Bruin
12/27/11 06:44:52PM @geert-bruin:

i don't mean to be a smartass but i couldn't help but notice you're wearing tapers in your earlobes,
this is not advisable as tapers are never ment to be worn as jewelry and put uneven pressure on fresh stretches, causing your earlobe to heal in an awkward position, also, your tapers seem to be made out of acrillic wich is a pourus material that harbors bacteria and can couse allergic reactions in some people, it is also bad for long term wear as over time, harmful chemicals are released into the skin that can cause tissue damage.
i'm very sorry for being such a smartass but i just wanted to inform you, i used to stretch my ears with plastic and lets just say that the end result wasn't pretty XD

i love your dreadlocks by the way, they are beautiful. (=

12/13/11 12:20:30AM @naturelover:

Thank you so much, :) I was just lucky to have thick hair! Don't say that, you locks are lovely! Just wait, they'll shrink up and be really nice thick locks. (:

12/13/11 12:03:53AM @treeofdread:

Your dreads are awesome! I cant get over how thick your hair and each dread is. Mine seem so small and inferior to yours haha. I love how unique everybodys journey is.

12/10/11 06:47:48PM @naturelover:

Thank you :) your locks look great! No, I haven't gotten a lot of shrinkage, just a few locks I think so far

12/10/11 05:00:20PM @hippiegal:

Great progress for 7 months, already so many dreads! I'm at 6 months and still have some loose hair too. I noticed you have quite long hair - are you getting much shrinkage?

12/10/11 03:43:34PM @naturelover:

Thank you both ^_^ means a lot

12/10/11 01:02:17AM @aika:

i really love how you introduce each of your dreads individually. you can really see how connected you are to them. :) and they look very big and healthy!

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