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Natural Free Formed Dreadlocks at 4 months

Just made a silly video for my 4 months of growing natural locks! Not that great of a video, but i do hope you enjoy it. :)
10/26/11 09:25:12PM @naturelover:

Wow, you are purely amazing! I'm so glad you took that big step man.It's just going to keep getting better along the way! You won't regret it. Thank you once again. (:

10/26/11 08:50:39PM @samalamajam:

Just wanted to say that your video was coincidentally the first of many that I started to watch when I read about neglect dreads. And what got me on to dreadlocksite. You could even say it was one of the many things that made me take the leap. This video was more real than a photograph. That you were doing it (and seeing in progress) made me feel like I could do it too. Best decision I ever made. So thanks for your awesome video getting me here.

09/17/11 02:30:23AM @naturelover:

Thank you so much!! I'm really lovin your locks!

09/16/11 11:23:49PM @treeofdread:

Your dreads are too cool! I love howthick yourhair isand itsprogressing at turbo speed!

09/15/11 06:28:27PM @naturelover:

Thank you ^_^

09/13/11 07:39:26PM @naturelover:

I hope that wasn't sarcasm :p And thank you very much :)

09/13/11 03:24:49AM @derek:

I dont think theres any better place to make a video about dreadlocks then a cemetery lol.. beautiful locks though they really suit you

09/11/11 11:35:54PM @naturelover:

Why thank you! Means a lot hearing that from you! And it was very awkward with the truck driving by, but it sure made me laugh to see myself get all 'awkward looking' in the video!

Torie Shea
09/11/11 11:19:05PM @torie-shea:
I did enjoy this video, amazing locks for four months. That would feel awkward with a truck driving by seeing you tape yourself in a graveyard. Almost looks photo shopped. Backdrop.

09/11/11 11:02:40PM @naturelover:

Thank you very much! Hawaii sounds very nice right now, i must say. So does Ohio!I love it where i live.Thank you again!

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