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How soon can i start growing dreads with short hair

user image 2012-01-13
By: Mitchell
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Hey guys! So im a Asian guy and i used to straighten and spike my hair, and it would take me ages every morning, until a couple months back, i had a bit of a mental break down, (or thats what my mates called it), and shaved it all off.
My hair is only just starting to grow out enough now, to start thinking about what i should do with my hair , and above all, dreads is the stand out option. They'd be way easier than thosegod-damnspikes i had and they would suit my personality for the most part. Ever si
nce i shaved my hair, i started taking a way more chilled view to life, and it crossed my mind that dreads might be a option for when my hair grows out, but i thought a Asian dude with dreads would probably look really weird.

I was in Thailand for the past 2 weeks and i saw a bunch of Thai guys with dreads and i was like, "dude, Asian guys can totally look good with dreads", so i decided to start looking into it more, and thats why iv'e signed up to the site. The problem is, its been 2 months since i shaved my head and my hair is only about 3/4 of an inch long, and i have no idea how short you can start growing dreads from. I assume i could start the neglection method at this length, and i will be doing exactly that, but i have to ask you guys, what other methods can i try? Or how much longer do i have to grow my hair to try other methods? The Twist and rip method interests me, but it looks like i would have to have alot longer hair to try that.
Can anyone suggest any methods i can try with short hair, or tell me how long to grow it before i can try anything?
My hair is actually pretty thick and wiry at the moment, (whichsurprisesme after ive spent years with hair that was really thin from thestraightener).I'mnot that worried if the dreads don't look great while my hairs too short,becauseIwear the same wool beanie pretty much everyday of my life,Ilove the thing to death, so if they don't look great at first, ill just cover them with it, as long as they look good when they grow out.

Anyway, if you guys have any suggestions on how to start growing dreads for a guy with real short hair, or if you know how long i should try and get my hair before i start, let me know.
I really appreciate any advice i can get,Thanksguys!!!
Hopefully in a couple months i should have some sick Locsstartingto grow out!!!

John Hooper
06/10/13 02:56:04PM @john-hooper:

Aww i just accidentally deleted my comment :( anyway to rewrite it in short, my hair is 2 and 3/4 inches, and it's been dreading normally. i only did tnr to start them. it really depends on your hair type too, so other people may need it to grow longer before it can dread. the only thing missing really when your hair is shorter than 6 inches though, is that your dreads don't really move freely around, your hair hardly moves. dreading still happens though, but until they get longer, they wont be hanging, they'll just be staying in place (except for when they're wet :D ).

Joseph Cornally
05/20/13 11:37:38AM @joseph-cornally:

dont use anymethod than neglect dude, it the best way for everyone, and the safest for your hair, and dreads are for everyone, every skincolor every person,, so enjoy the journey

Bob Ngarly
02/13/13 01:15:26AM @bob-ngarly:

dude the transformation would be so epic!!! i say give it a go! My hair was just over 3 inches when i TNRd it. i honestly dont think it was worth it because they have basically all fallen out. but my sections are cleaner. you can backcomb at three in. but know where you beanie is for the first couple weeks cuz you will look like a clown at first. Nothing wrong with that though... Honestly I kinda wish i would have done backcombing just to see if they would have stayed together a little better. But at this point im giving full reign to my hair and the universe to decide how mine come out.

01/24/13 11:07:10AM @fourwindsinvoker:

I have your typical Anglo-Saxon hair; fine, thin, lacks body..but I have a lot of hair. I started with the twist & rip method almost 3 months ago. My hair was 2 and a 1/2 inches long on top..Now my hair is just a tad past 4 inches on top. Yeah it does take time but what an awesome journey!

Blessed Be~

10/31/12 09:45:45PM @kelly3:

Well, my hair is curly, bit I started at 3-4 inches. Asian hair is more difficult to dread though.. Biotin will help you get to the 6 inches that you will need to start the natural dread process, but neglect at any stage!

Castaway J
10/31/12 09:35:07PM @castaway-j:

right on man, welcome! i kinda wish i started from bald myself. although you have to begin from literally scratch its going to be an amazing transformation! people have timelines that span for years on this site, so you shoulddefinitelytake pictures and update

Star Gryphon
10/12/12 12:56:00AM @star-gryphon:

I know a few who prefer to dread from bald through the neglect method. It'll be a long time before you actually have dreads...years maybe....but it's worth it in the end. :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/13/12 10:14:09AM @soaring-eagle:

u cfan start neglect from bald it will dread when it wants to..typicaly 6 inches sometimes shorter

u can twist n rip at 4-5 inches

so u got months to go

tho taking biotin suppliments will make it grow faster

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