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michelle raine aguilar


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washing my dreads??????????????

user image 2010-08-20
By: michelle raine aguilar
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can anyone help me plz????????? i was wondering it has been a week since i dreaded my hair and not sure if i should wait another week before washing the first time or should i wash the next couple of days?thank michelle-raine
michelle raine aguilar
08/28/10 06:29:35PM @michelle-raine-aguilar:
thank you patric, i will take that into consideration. ty very much

Peaceful Dread
08/28/10 03:18:07PM @peaceful-dread:
When my dreads were babies i washed them every day, but I practiced "water only washing" that time. As often I could I washed them in ocean water. But no scrubbing or rubbing while washing, only a very gentle wash. Later I started using a bar soap from Lush named Karma.. that is really my favorite shampoo now after a year of dreading. Nowadays I wash my hair every third day, still very gentle even though my dreads are much tighter today. My experience is that washing with only water helps the dreading process. But there are probably many other ways that works just as well.

michelle raine aguilar
08/28/10 03:31:19AM @michelle-raine-aguilar:
ok its been a couple of weeks since starting my dreads. i have washed it once and due for second wash. its looking very dready now but not tight but i know that takes time. i am not using any products. not doing anything to it, i know my mum will say dam when are you going to brush your hair lol

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