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Why I have dreads.

user image 2012-11-26
By: Meijka
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I'm quite happy to say I have dreads. It was a bit difficult coming out of the closet with them because I knew of all the attention I would draw, good and bad. My whole family hates them, my roommates, employers, and professors cringe at them. I thought it would be a bit difficult to pass all these harsh judgments. I have the tendency to take silly things very personally. Well I haven't really ran into anybodies nasty opinions that made me feel discouraged, or alienated. I took it all very lightheartedly. It's just hair. A victimless crime really. The only obstacle I have right now is looking for a full time job. I have been searching all over, and nobody in Michigan hires anymore. Not even an interview. I have been going to school overtime for 2 years straight. I am going to take next semester, and next year off to live in Maui with my sister. So for these next six months I need to work my ass off. Well this was just a bit of a babble really, but if anybody has any pointers on how to deal with negativity positively, and also on my job search please help a sister out! =)

11/26/12 11:28:35PM @meijka:

I love the Alan Watts quote. Thank you!

11/26/12 08:55:58PM @ryan6:

In my experiences with people and dreads the negativity comes from ignorance as most things in the world do. I've gotten the same looks and idiotic comments, I just shake my head and feel pity that people would rather chastise then educate themselves or even stop to ask the person questions and try and better understand what is awkward to them. To quote the great Alan Watts when lecturing about the hippie culture in 1965, "We need people who live outside the normal constraints of society to remind us that all of this is just a game. We chose to sit and watch the game, but no thank you we won't participate."

11/26/12 08:09:27PM @meijka:

I wanted to state why I have dreads, but this turned out to be about my experiences with them. =P

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